Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free at last!

Wednesdays are my "Treasure Days", as I have said before.

Today I went to the first assisted living and then to a nursing home/rehabilitation center.
One of my favorite treasures, Doris had fallen and broken her arm. After having surgery and a brief hospital stay she was sent to rehab.
She's doing great! She's happy and being treated quite well. Of course she's hoping to go "home" soon.

Went to her "home" to visit other dear friends. I'm always the one who gets so blessed!
One of my gentlemen "treasures" was happy to see me and as I shook his hand in our greeting,
he gently kissed my hand. Felt like a true Southern Belle! (And him a "Yankee"! :)Ha ha! )

Gave my other gentleman treasure a surprise...a Game Boy advance that we got via the internet!
His had broken!

Visited Doris's "boyfriend" to assure him she was doing fine and then saw my other dear friends,
Pearl and Jackie.

One bit of sad news, though. My friend, Joyce Ann was no longer there but I do know where she is and she is so much better now! She is with our Lord!
I will no longer be buying her the gold Dial soap she liked and I will no longer hear the way she always said my name, that always brought a smile to me, but she is now happy and whole
in every way! And knowing her, she already knows everyone's name up there!!!! :)
She is indeed, free at last!

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