Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Joy!

Easter evokes many emotions, especially joy and delight at the newness of life that is so evident in Spring's unveiling!
New life in Christ makes all the seasons more vivid, especially
Spring! Wow! I don't think it will ever become "old" to me. I take such pleasure in every change of season, taking in the sounds, the beauty that each one brings and enjoy them every day.

This Easter was so beautiful! Morning coffee on the porch while watching the day spring to life...coming together with fellow believers celebrating our risen Lord...preparing for the arrival of our children and the "Grands"
for an Easter supper and of course, a very "active" egg hunt!
Christian, our oldest "Grand" felt he was too old to look for eggs so he helped hide them! Of course that eliminated him from finding eggs with coins and candy but we graced his palm with a bit of folding money and he was quite content!

After dinner on the porch, the egg hunt began and it proved to be very entertaining. Seeing 7 kids running all over the yards, in the edges of the woods, climbing on log piles, looking in drain "pipes", and bird feeders was so much fun! What was especially endearing was to see some of the older ones helping the younger ones and sharing their unselfish!

Then there was checking out the loot! The older ones were into the coins while Duncan was all about the chocolate! Every time I turned around he had chocolate on his face and his hands!
Kylie was into certain colors, Emma, Makenna, Elliott and Camden into seeing how many they could find and Kellan, well he just loved going all over and wasn't too interested in getting the most!

I do believe the highlight of our evening was the water fight! I had gotten water guns for them all. Well, they were told not to shoot each other but what were we thinking????
Then it really got exciting for Christian came inside shooting me! I chased him, got his gun and filled it up and off I went for REVENGE! And yes I got it! Then we were all "shooting" each other and dripping. Then Elliott decided to "shoot" Papa who had no gun, only a bit of watered down tea and knowing Papa, that's what he used! He threw it on Elliott, chasing him off the porch and then the next thing I heard was "Papa's got the hose" and sure enough there was Papa, carefully squirting the "grands" and everyone laughing!

After a quick clean-up, everyone piled into their cars and Papa and the Granggie collapsed on the porch lovely quiet!

It had been a perfect , life-filled day!

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