Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Bask- "to enjoy a warm or pleasant feeling from being in a certain environment or situation
[to bask in someone's favor]".

This is the word that came to me while having my morning coffee on the porch. I was "basking" in the lush, wet "greenness" after last night's refreshing rain. I could picture the trees and plants
basking this morning, lazily enjoying the comfort of their nourished "earth-bedded" roots, kind of like me when I've had a hard day and finally get sweet relief in our cozy bed. I just lie there and bask...ahhhh.....

I really like that word- bask. Sounds a bit old-fashioned, a bit Jane "Austenish", don't you think?

There's even a Basking Shark! He's a plankton-eating giant shark. Our grandson, Elliott, could tell you all about them!

I'm not much into sharks but I am into "basking", especially basking in the favor of our Father God.
Whoa! Now that's the place to be, the place to "hang out". It's better than a warm cozy bed on a winter's night or even a refreshing rain to a sun-parched land.

Even though "life" may be happening all around, unpleasant situations arising one right after the other, there still is a special place...a secret place to run to, to hide in for a bask in...
and that is His Presence. He's always there with opened arms, just waiting to draw you into... that place of basking.

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