Saturday, July 31, 2010

A "Main Street" Morning

There's a small grille on Main St. in Waxhaw that we like to frequent. Heard that they had great breakfasts, "written- up- in -the- paper" kind. We 've only eaten lunch there but found out last week that after today they wouldn't be doing breakfasts anymore but lunches and dinners.
SO, we had to get up early to at least try their famous breakfasts and it was very good! My omelette was delicious and the bacon outstanding! I AM a bacon connoisseur! (ok, I know it isn't the best thing for you, but it's one of my weaknesses!) Coffee pretty good but I am a Gevalia/Starbucks snob. There, I said it!
We were the second customers and soon after it began to get busy. Good thing I crawled out of bed when I did!
What a lovely way to begin the day, breakfast out with Mike!

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