Thursday, July 8, 2010

Need a change?

"The Spirit of God is upon me to change my situation."

Just read this in the Smith Wigglesworth devotional that a good friend gave me a few months ago. I must admit that I was pretty slack in reading it daily but decided to take it to the beach and use it in my morning quiet time. Now I'm hooked! I read the scripture listed and his expounding and it "feels" like a hearty breakfast! I read it slowly so I can savor each morsel and I read the scripture out loud, taking in its nourishment and what a difference it makes.

One of the things I love most about God is the fact that He ALWAYS meets us where we are!
"Change" had been on my heart for several days and I had decided that today would be a fresh start. Several areas of change need to be implemented within me and rather than talk about it...making promises to Mike about my spending and falling so short, etc.; I decided to just keep it between the Lord and me. You know, start living it rather than just talking...walk out the talk!
And this was what I read today. Wow! Talk about a direct Word from God! I love it when He does that and He does it quite often! (Actually He does it all the time but sometimes I'm not listening.)

"Change"- yes I have a part to do also but I'm not doing it alone! But I must "yield" to His ways
of changing. Then and only then will the change be effective and lasting.

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