Friday, July 30, 2010

My Haven

Everyone needs a haven, a place of refuge, a place of safety and peace. This is mine. It's the place where I "come away from the things of man", so to speak. I find myself being drawn to this "sanctuary" many times during the day. Sometimes I go out to enjoy a phone conversation, read a book or the newspaper. Sometimes I just go out to think...meditate on the goodness of God...
and to pray-just talking with Him.
Here I feel as though God is holding me in the palm of His hand and I'm surrounded and hedged-in by the beauty of nature. We are literally surrounded by woods and I feel this "God-security" constantly. It's a nice feeling...selah.
I have a few other havens...a corner in another room, a special chair in the living room, my special space in the attic room but our porch is by far my favorite!

Everyone needs a haven. Where is yours? Don't have one...find one, make one. And go to it daily.
Make the time to just sit and be quiet. Read a good book, listen to soothing music. Go to be refreshed and renewed, in His Presence. Ahhh....ummmm....lovely, just lovely.

And if you would like, please share with me your haven. Tell me about that special place.

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