Monday, July 26, 2010

The next phase...

The Tropical Getaway over, my mind wants to start planning the Christmas outreach! I do have some ideas floating along in my mind but other things need my attention...housework, repair and upkeep, painting, sealing and staining the deck. It will all fall into place with some effort on my part. Just trying to keep cool is something we're all doing. On the drive to the hospital yesterday afternoon we noticed that there were hardly any people out walking or enjoying their yards.
We may have seen one person. There was very little traffic too. A sign outside a building that tells time and temperture "said" 110 degrees! Yikes! Mike's car thermometer said 106.This was around 5 PM. Whew!
Temps like these make you dread August! I am praying for a cold front to move in and stay through the winter! Well, really a very early and chilly Fall beginning now and just move into a cold, snowy winter.

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