Thursday, April 14, 2011


"Forever, oh Lord, Your Word is settled in Heaven." Psalm 119:89 The Word of can change it, misinterpret it, declare it to be "non-relevant" for today... but...forever it IS settled in heaven. It cannot and will not be changed. It has been weathering the storms of this world's evolution for thousands of years. People are free to embrace it...reject it but destroy it-never! People can write and re-write new laws, adopt new "morals" and accept them but when all is said and done, the Word of God will prevail. No amount of re-interpreting will destroy it. Those who choose to ignore and not believe it only hurt themselves and those they may lead astray. The Word is still relevant and is to be believed not debated. It is alive and produces life for all who embrace it and act on it. It is God's love letter to His children. It is freeing! It produces God's kind of love in us, His peace, His joy, His abundant life! Embracing the Word of God will teach us to love others and not to hate. The only thing we are told to hate is evil. Never are we to hate people. "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..." John 3:16 We need to be about the business of loving as He loves us. Love people into Truth. What a marvelous concept! Actually that's just what Jesus did! We should do no less!

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