Monday, April 25, 2011

Glimpses of our Easter fun!

What a day! Church was wonderful- such a celebration of Jesus' victory! I'm still re-living that!
Then home to prepare for our Easter supper with the family...ironing tablecloths, cooking, setting the tables... sure kept Mike and I busy!

Everyone arrived and the fun really began! There were 22 of us and we were all over. Some ate inside, some outside on the porch and some opted not to eat but play Leggos and anything else they could think of to drag out! Egg hunt time came and Papa, bless his heart, put Tangled in and sat with the "hunters" while the "hiders" were busy hiding. Me, I was loading the dishwasher with more plates than I remembered I had! (not doing THAT next year!)

The hunt was on! Kids running everywhere, looking for those eggs...some filled with candy, some with coins. Some would find an egg and stop to open it while others were on the rampage to find the most. Even with all that, Mike found an egg after everyone left. Last year we kept finding eggs months after!
After everyone left and the "dust" had settled, Mike and I toured the grounds looking for lost badmitton rackets and shuttlecocks...two still missing and who knows where they could be.

We picked up candy wrappers we found scattered around-not too many and other toys that had made it outside. Somehow we need to work on putting things back where they go and throwing trash away!

All in all it was fun to be with Mike's parents, his sister Beverly, her husband Rocky and their sons and of course all our kids and Grands! April's chocolate eclair dessert was a hit as well as Brittany's homemade lemonade and Mike's mom's Banana Pudding! Me, I loved her coconut cake!

Next year....throw away plates and cups and maybe a simpler fare!

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