Friday, April 15, 2011

The View

This is what I see from our upstairs bedroom window. Know I should pull the honeysuckle out of the azaleas but I do so enjoy it's sweet fragrance when it blooms! It's a rather nice "prospect" as Jane Austen might pen and it truly is. Once again the trees are filling out and surrounding us, shutting us off from clear views of our neighbors' homes and we love it. Our home becomes even more of a sanctuary...a place of peace and refreshing. The trees appear more lovely than ever or so it seems this year. The route we traveled to Makenna's ballet was quite stunning yesterday! Huge, majestic trees on both sides of the road, large patches of woods and farm lands...what a treat for the eyes and my soul! We've been spending more time outside, working in the yard, reading in the swing and "living" on the screened porch! Want to do it all before the hot weather sets in. I'm not a fan of hot weather. I could be if we didn't have the humidity that accompanies it here... but we do have wonderful shade! What beauty we have all around us! Get out and enjoy!

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