Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When we're taking a picture, it's extremely important to "focus" on the picture we want.
When we're walking or running on a treadmill, it's important to "focus" on the "path". If we deviate from the path, it could be harmful... we could get hurt.

"The right focus of our faith will bring Jesus into clear view. To focus on Jesus means to be taken up with Him, to put Him at the center, to listen to what He says, and to see life from His perspective. Faith looks in the wrong direction when it focuses on us, on our problems, on others, on the world, or on the enemy.

We need to turn the eyes of our faith away from everything, anything, or anyone that distracts us from seeing Jesus. As we see Jesus, our faith will not be focused on our sins, but on the Savior; not on our failures, but on the Victor; not on our hurts, but on the Healer; not on our weaknesses, but on the Almighty One; not on our ages, but on the Lord of the Ages; not on our needs, but on the Provider; not on our anxieties, but on the Prince of Peace; not on our circumstances, but on the Shepherd; not on our problems, but on the All Sufficient One Who is with you always."

Roy Lessin

This excerpt comes from Roy Lessin' s "Meet Me in the Meadow".
I receive it via e-mail...royl@dayspring.com
This really grabbed me and I've been chewing on it a bit these past two days.

Just wanted to share this. Good stuff! Couldn't be said any better!
Thank you Roy!

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