Monday, May 9, 2011

Marvelous May!

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May."
--Edwin Way Teale

Well, actually my favorite season is autumn but I do love the spring! And I enjoy May especially!

What a wonderful birthday/Mother's Day weekend! It all began Friday night with Book Club.
We had it on the porch but did succomb to blankets for a few when the evening grew quite chilly.
The girls bought special birthday cupcakes from SAS...all so beautifully colorful and delicious!
Fragrant roses from Holly's bush gave such a festive touch and it was a book we ALL enjoyed.
Mike put a candle on a cake at lunch and sang to me and I received many cards and also birthday greetings from April's friends on Facebook. "Happy Birthday" renditions via phone from the Grands is always such a treat...Christian's "drum" beat led one from April's crew to individual serenades from each of Anna's.
Bill sent me an interesting birthday blessing via texting and then he and Brittany who happens to share the May 6th birthdate came by with gifts on their way to horseback riding. That's what Brittany wanted to do for her birthday!
Saturday was breakfast at the Grill then into Charlotte to see our moms and give them their Mother's Day cards and gifts.
Then at 4:30 we met April, Lee and kids and Anna, Dan and kids at Cactus Rose, our very FAVORITE Mexican restaurant which is back in business!!!!! It was delicious and action-packed!
We got there early so we could have the patio...with 8 Grands one needs space!
What I didn't know was that Mike had told them about my birthday the day before so I was very surprised when they came out with a sombrero and delicious treats that I can pronounce but cannot spell. Quite yummy with their drizzles of honey, chocolate and strawberry and a bit of whipped cream-mine with candle!
We left our section quite "used" and all went our individual ways. Anna, Dan and their 4 did come over for about an hour after their Target excursion.
Mother's Day was, KFC takeout and a nap. Bill and Brittany came by for a visit and then Mike went back to work and me to a Hallmark Mother's Day movie!
Such a fun-filled weekend...I could hardly get out of bed this morning!

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