Friday, May 27, 2011

"Goddess of Domesticity"

This is my title for the day!
Those "domesticity juices" are flowing!
I've done laundry, ironed, baked walnut-chocolate chip cookies, cooked lunch, cleaned the kitchen, picked up the downstairs and now I'm heading to the newest "blackhole"---my bathroom!
Have such a bad habit with that room. I tend to pile up my exercise clothes, tennis shoes and flops plus leave my make-up on the counter; not a lovely sight.
Then on to tackle my dresser with countless books and jewelry, receipts, papers, pens,
I am more than able to take on this momentous task!
(I am quite sure there may be a bit of a nap later in the afternoon!)
And after dinner, Mike and I are enlarging a flower bed, getting it ready to be planted and pruned tomorrow after our breakfast at the Grill and our almost-weekly Lowe's trip.
Wow! Such energy! It's flowing, Baby!

And on a more serious note...
Have a great Memorial day weekend! What price, freedom!
A special "thank-you" to our military and their families who have paid and are paying the price for our freedom and protection. God bless!

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