Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spontaneity...the spice of life!

Out with the old, REALLY bad plastic wrap and ......

in with the new! This was a gift from friends! Was in a gift bag and all! And I was pretty excited about it.

Okay, I know some of you are wondering how any of this goes with my title but bear with does!

Yesterday all our plans got changed...cookout with some church friends in Belmont was postponed due to a funeral we all wanted to attend. We decided to invite the hosts of the cookout to go out to eat with us and visit some on our porch afterwards. We invited a few others but only one other could join us and then we decided not to go out but throw something together at our house!

We 3 ladies converged on our kitchen, pulling stuff from the pantry and fridge and we ended up having a blast getting it together! We were chopping and laughing, peeling and making messes and having a wonderfully fun time doing it! It became a salad dinner with a huge beautiful toss salad and potato salad and Trader Joe Fiesta dip and tostitos...Trader Joes' thin Ginger snaps and lemon cookies along with some sugar free candies became our impromptu desserts and the fellowship just got better and better.

We went to clean up and put away the food and Teri wanted my plastic wrap. I sort of wavered a bit there. My plastic wrap was awful! I had wrestled with that "off" brand way too many times and just avoided it altogether. Should have thrown it away a year ago. Well, she was determined to conquer it and put it to right. She worked quite hard but I 'm not so sure she won the battle.

Then this morning at church there was a goodie bag on my seat....GLAD WRAP!

So I came home and threw the imposter away!

You know that saying...."Don't get mad, get Glad!" Well thanks to our friends I now have GLAD!

Used it at lunch and it really works! Amazing!

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