Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is April and her best friend, Jessica, from Victory Word Days. Jessica was in April's wedding 12 years ago and that was the last time Anna, Mike and I had seen her until Thursday. Jessica's husband gave her this trip for her birthday and we have all enjoyed it!
Last night was like "old" times. Mike took us to our favorite Italian

Restaurant, La Strada, in Wesley Chapel and then the girls hit Starbucks and then to our house where we visited on the porch then retreated inside for "nuts and bolts", one of Jessica's favorite snacks. Anna left...who knows when! Mike and I had gone on to bed and April and Jessica spent the night...talking and laughing and away from kids.

We took them to breakfast at the Grill and then back to April's! It was "just like old times" for sure! What a treat to have her here once again! She'll always be a favorite!

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