Sunday, June 12, 2011

An amazing action-packed, fun-filled, working hard...

"what a weekend", weekend!
There was never a dull moment! Though it was a hot one temperature-wise we had RAIN! And
Had Makenna, Elliott and Camden over for a cookout and sleepover Friday night! They were great! So enjoyable except Mike who slept with the guys on the sleep sofa got beat up by a very active sleeper-Elliott! Camden filled me in Saturday morning about the sleeping adventure and one thing about Saturday morning, we had to WAKE them up! That was a first!
Then off to the Grill to meet April and Lee. Had our breakfast on the patio...such a nice cool morning and Brittany's parents showed up and joined us. That was a treat!
We unloaded our car of blankets and pillows and stuffed animals and headed home to change and get to our new church building to work.
I cleaned all the fluorescent covers outside on the sidewalk, washing them down with Dawn and rinsing them and standing them against to the building to dry. Trying to conserve water I would hold the hose to stop the water flow until I needed it but I lost my grip and sprayed myself in the face and ended up drenched! I squished the rest of the day whenever I would walk.
Then I painted until I ran out of paint! Whew! We were tired, hot and "glistenny" and had to run home to shower, dress and meet friends for dinner.
I was so glad to get home and change into my pjs and sit in front of the fan! Ahhh!
Slept in a bit since we didn't have to be at church so early and then after a great service and meeting some new people, Mike and I headed to La Strada for lunch and to pick up my Golden Italian Dressing. The owner ordered me some! He's so nice! Then to Target, Starbucks and home.
Yippee! So GOOD to be home!
And Anna, Dan and the kids are coming over in a bit!
Perfect ending to a perfect day! Family...especially Grandchildren! What absolute blessings they are!

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