Friday, June 3, 2011

"How A Lightning Bug Took Me back In Time!"

Last night Mike and I sat on the porch reading, enjoying the coolness of the evening, watching dusk turn to darkness. I glanced up from my book to see a "firefly" as some would say but I grew up calling them lightning bugs.
All of a sudden I was once again a child on Woodruff Place in Charlotte, near the now historical Wesley Heights district. I was running in our neighbors' yard catching lightning bugs. The Keenans lived next door to us; an older couple without children of their own who just happened to enjoy my sisters and me! Theirs was a magical yard...a small forest behind their garage where countless violets grew and we spent many hours dreaming and playing in that "forest"! Daylight would turn to summer darkness and "children" voices would begin calling out, "ain't no bears out tonight, Grandma killed them all last night" and suddenly someone who was the bear came out chasing us! Remember that game?
After running barefoot through the dewy grass and inevitably stepping on a snail or two, we were more than ready for a bath and our "babydoll" PJs!
Oh those were the days!

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