Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Dance Recital under our Belts!

Twas a whirlwind weekend with several opportunities for FRUSTRATION!
Friday night began the "fun". Less than an hour before book club we discovered we had no water! Mike suggested I call and cancel but everyone was already on the way. It worked out and I was able to turn our breaker on and off and managed water for the extra pot of Gevalia Raspberry Danish Decaf coffee...oh my! So yummy! oh yea and an occasional "flush"!

Plumber Max arrived early Saturday morning but found nothing...hmmm...oh well, then off to the Grill where we met Bill and Brittany and "grand-to-be" for breakfast. Wonderful visit!

Home to rest an hour and half and then on to April's to pick up our ballerina Makenna, April, Camden , Anna, Emma and Kylie and off to Wingate University.
Upon entering we met some friends who informed us that the recital lasted THREE hours.
Okay, NOT what I wanted to hear. Once underway with the Pre-program, we settled in to watch the dancers and then after a quick break we were transported to Kansas and then "over the rainbow", landing in Oz! The sets , dances and costumes were wonderful but somehow the first act was a bit too long. And then there was the lady in front of me, (w/3 kids in 1 seat), who was oblivious to the fact that there were people behind her that were trying to see. Oh insides were churning and I so badly wanted to say something but I don't think she could have understood me. I prayed under my breath, fighting off the feelings of just wanting to scream. She left, dragging 2 or 3 kids with her only to return and then hold up her camera taking a video, blocking the middle of the stage for my view and her son blocking Emma's. (Emma did get on my lap so she could see.) And then the lady took several "flash" photos after we were all told at the beginning NOT to do that. (I learned in all this that RUDE people are something for which I have NO patience.)
She finally left and I could actually see very well. The frustration left with her!

We survived and Makenna danced divinely as the "yellow brick road". Onto TCBY! Delicious! Took everyone back to their home/van and then we headed to Lowe's! (remember I said we go to Lowe's practically every Saturday, usually after the Grill). Then we were hungry and went to La Strada's. We ended up eating close to 8 pm...where had the day gone?
Whew! I was wiped! Relaxed on the porch a bit and then a lovely shower and our comfy bed! Ahh! Was glad when the day ended!

In doing my blog just now I was talking with Mike about Saturday. Sharing a bit about the lady in front of me, he said she probably had never seen anything like it and was just caught up in the moment. Hmm.... now I'm trying to determine whether I should have been a bit more understanding. I'm undecided! :)

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