Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Visit

Had to blog this!
Anna and Dan came over to borrow something they needed and they stayed a while to visit.
The kids were playing inside with Leggos, cars, Mr. Potato Head, dolls, etc. and then wanted to go outside.
I was the only one at first to brave the heat with them (Anna later followed) and we played on the swingset, played with sticks, the balls, the wagons, fed the birds and then we came inside as we were turning red in the face and beginning to "glisten".
Hunger overtook us and Papa and Dan went to McDonald's. We all gathered around the leafless
table which made for close quarters but so much fun. We were all eating, talking, laughing and then Duncan, who was beside me, turned and looked at me and proceeded to sing, "I'm sorry I broke your heart, Mother!" I about fell out of my chair! I was laughing so hard I began to cry...Emma too and then we were all cracking up! It was so random! Just out of the "clear blue"!
And then the rest of our supper got "funnier and funnier"!
A merry heart doeth good!
Great way to end the day!
Grandchildren are the greatest!

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