Friday, June 10, 2011

The Granggie VS The Rodent Squirrels

The squirrels and I have an ongoing battle. Maybe I'm just being too nice.
My weapon of choice is vaseline and a paper towel!
Since the "rodent-enemy" has destroyed 2 squirrel proof birdfeeders, my battleground has diminished to three feeders now, of which I can only really "defend" one....the one above that you can see!
I am trying to keep the pole greased and it's working!
Just minutes ago I was at the kitchen sink only to see the furry thing scurry up the pole. I grabbed my ammunition and headed out and of course he scurried when he saw me coming armed to the hilt! I greased the pole and went inside. Minutes later I saw him bounce over, sniffing, and then he attacked. And you know what happened....he slid all the way down!
I was triumphant once again!

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