Thursday, June 16, 2011

The wonderful, colorful world of play dough

I truly believe play dough is a miracle "toy"! It can occupy children for hours!
I always try to have it on hand and realized that I had very little left "in stock" so I made a quick
trip to Target after I left the Treasures. Headed over to April's to get her and then to Anna's.
I was keeping Anna's four while she and Aunt April went to get their hair done.
We came in with play dough and everyone went wild, especially Kellan, who kept saying "open this"...over and over.
We "played" with play dough for an hour and a half. I made a snail, a fish, a snake. Duncan had me making everything on the mat that came with our "stuff"!
I only stopped when I saw that Kellan was rubbing his eyes..."happy nappy time". I scooped him up and proceeded to sing the song I had made up for our children all those years ago!
After getting him settled I came downstairs to find Emma cleaning up. The others pitched in at my insistance and then we quietly headed upstairs to see Emma play Leggo Star Wars.
I must admit I was quite impressed with her gaming skills!
While watching her, Kylie brought in her Rapunzel doll. Oh my! She looked like she had stuck her finger in an outlet and her hair had exploded. We laughed as we tried to decide if I could actually fix it. After quite awhile...much brushing and braiding and pony tail holders, she declared my endeavors a success and was very happy with the outcome!
Meanwhile Emma kept fighting storm troopers, sand people, etc.
Came across old Ben Kanobi ( probably misspelled that one!) who needed to jump from one ledge to another over poisonous water. Her attempt failed twice as he sank beneath that water but she had earned him extra lives so she looked at me and said that she would try again and she made it. I told her how well she did and that she was playing so much better than I ever could and her words...."you can say that again!". Out of the mouths of the "grands"! :)
Our beautiful daughters arrived back with their new "DOs" and April and I jumped in my xB and took off!
It was a wonderful day...very long but very wonderful!

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