Monday, October 24, 2011


Our trip was amazing! This week I'll be sharing some pictures I took. Didn't take as many as I would have liked but I'm happy with the ones I have.

Yes! Our trip was amazing! If I would give you the cold, very wet, hard facts, you may not agree with me. We began our trip in the rain. Matter of fact it was raining when Donna and I drove to our parents.
Raining when we pulled out quite early the next morning after a practically sleepless night for me. (I wrestled with the constant ticking and chiming of several antique clocks and when I moved to the living room's sofa and had just fallen asleep, I heard my mom knocking on Donna's door to tell her it was time to get up! Yikes!)
It rained on us through NC, through VA, West VA and into Ohio. The rain was so hard at times Denise could hardly see. We lived with the rain through Friday but it did not stop us! We embraced it and went forth! It didn't even slow us down. The temps those days were in the 40's and we loved it!
Here we were, the "Durham Girls" sallying forth throughout various small towns, taking in all their sights, sounds, delicious Amish cooking and the not so wonderful smells @ the Hershberger farm.
Our mom, who is 81 and 1/2 years old led the pack! At times we forgot her age for she never acts like it. If she got tired while we plundered she just found a seat for a few minutes and then she was at it again!
I'll be sharing more throughout the week. Our parents treated us to the trip and that was an expense  they wanted to bear. Our time together, the sights and experiences we shared...those memories...well, you just can't put a "price" on was priceless and we will be forever grateful and will forever cherish the time we were the "Durham Girls" once again!

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