Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Night To Remember!

Last night we had the oldest four Grands while April and Lee went to a wedding rehearsal. Got them around 7:15 and decided to take them to the Grill for supper. Ended up inviting Anna, Dan and the four youngest Grands and they joined us. After pushing tables together the twelve of us sat down, well Mike and I stood getting everyone's orders. (that was a feat in itself!) The kids were great! They patiently waited even though it was about 7:35 and we were all hungry. Another family sat nearby watching all of us. They caught my attention and we talked for a few minutes and they commented on how well-behaved all the kids were!
They were quite impressed.     I was too! :)
We had the best conversations while we waited on the most delicious cheeseburgers in the world! (guess that could be a slight exaggeration)  Hey, love our Grands but as they are growing up they are so much more fun to be with! Christian downloaded "Angry birds" for me on my Droid Incredible.
He looked at me and said, "Granggie, it's such an honor to just hold your phone." Only a twelve and a half year old guy would think that! Priceless! Then as each one finished, my phone circulated, each one played the game...well, not the almost three year old even though he would have loved to have my phone! They were so cute and shared so well.
When we finally left the Grill, we decided to walk around the Waxhaw downtown area and cross over the historic railroad bridge. The kids had always wanted to do that and we did. (Love making those memories!) The bridge is much higher than it appears and to them it was an adventure!
The entire area is a historical one and the buildings quite unique. It's just fun to walk around but a bit magical at night!
After our walk we parted ways and the oldest came back with us; Makenna to sew doll clothes for her cousins' American Girl dolls that they will get for Christmas and the rest of us to a movie and more "Angry birds" and much more enjoyable conversations!
Grandchildren rock! OMG, they are the coolest! I can't remember when I've had such a wonderful night!

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