Friday, October 28, 2011

A perfectly wonderful day!

It has been a beautiful, chilly day! We've been from one county to the other, enjoying all the fall foliage and just being with each other.
I kidnapped Mike today! (Actually I asked his boss if I could and he said yes!) Today we celebrated an early anniversary, our 37th. It's next week.
I took him to breakfast, shopping and lunch and treated him! Instead of him picking up the bill I did and it was fun! (I sold some old broken gold jewelry so it was truly my money!)
We will end the evening with a bonfire with our friends from church...ummmm....smores, hot homemade apple cider, etc.
Ahhhhh, the perfect ending of a perfect day!


Cindy said...

Happy [early] Anniversary! So glad you and Mike could spend the day together. Sounds simply wonderful. Big hugs to you both!

Granggie said...

Thanks Cindy!
We had a great day and have really stretched out our anniversary.
Today we went to Logans for lunch with money his parents gave us.
Think we've celebrated enough! :)