Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Living Simply

Traveling through the countryside, you observe the lush green grass and fertile soil. Farms are everywhere, huge ones and small ones. The Amish farms pictured above were taken from the car.
We took a few back roads and came upon these and Denise pulled over so I could get the picture.
They use no electricity in their homes but some do use propane gas. The homes were neat and clean looking. We saw one woman clearing out her garden, another picking vegetables from hers, and a younger woman in a bit more modern looking house blowing leaves with a gas powered leaf blower.
One thing is quite obvious...they are very hard workers!

On our last day we had the special blessing of speaking with an older Amish couple. We were waiting in line at an Amish restaurant and they were behind us. The woman began the conversation, asking us where we were from, where were we staying, etc. They lived in Berlin...accent on the "Ber" syllable.
(We realized we were mispronouncing the word.) Her husband also spoke with us. They were such a nice friendly couple! Amish girls had waited on us and one particular girl at a restaurant in Berlin was especially nice to us. She even told our Mom that we were such a nice group of ladies! (Glad we were behaving that time!)  :)

I would have loved to have gotten some pictures of them but we respected their privacy. They dress and live quite simply. There is a lesson in that for all of us. I do believe we could all simplify our lives a bit more. I know I'm working on that!

A few more pictures tomorrow!

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