Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Kid in Me!

Meet Jo-Jo! Jo-Jo is my "pet" monkey. As a little girl I always said that I was going to Africa
and be a missionary and have a pet monkey!
When I was in High School, my parents gave me my first Jo-Jo for Christmas. He was the cutest little fella ...white tennis shoes, all soft and cuddly and he was holding my birthstone ring.
Jo-Jo was much loved but somehow after many years he disappeared. (Don't tell Woody and Buzz or Jessie)
I always remembered him and told the Grands that I was going to get another one at Build-a-Bear.
Well, Mike took me for my 50th birthday and thank goodness it was near closing and there weren't that many people because the lady made me do all the crazy things the kids have to do!
Then I chose his clothes...tee shirt, jeans, tennis shoes and a hat...and brought him home!
He is extremely well-behaved and loves sitting in his rocking chair and he is much loved
by the Grands...me too...I've always had a soft spot for stuffed animals!
Oh yeah, he's visited the Treasures on several occassions and they love him!
Anyway....this is Jo-Jo...up close and personal!

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