Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why is it?

Why is it that coffee or tea always tastes better in a special cup and saucer?

The other day as I was putting away "winter" things and cleaning out a cabinet, I pulled out my spring/summer dishes and an old china breakfast set Mike and I had gotten at our favorite antique shop in Norcross, Georgia.

I had made up my mind to start using these and just enjoy them.
So this morning I pulled out the delicate old timey cup and saucer for my morning coffee and I must say, that has been the best cup of coffee I've had lately!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgia that has come over me while having coffee this morning!

We bought the set of dishes because they reminded me of my grandmothers...strong yet delicate, lovers of flowers, feminine, hard workers...women I dearly loved and admired...
still love, knowing I will see them again one day.

They are not anything very fancy...just lovely, feminine and when I use them, that's how I feel!

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