Friday, February 26, 2010

a Pansy-planting day!

The winter is almost over... and the "winter" in me is...Over!
I have Spring in my heart and it becomes more evident each day.

I find myself wanting to get out and work in the yard and in the flower beds.
I want to plant a small garden, put down fresh mulch, etc.... but it is a bit early for that.

But it's the perfect time for those adorable-faced pansies and shortly I'll be off to Home Depot!
Actually I was supposed to clean house today and I'm quite sure some of that will get done!
I have to for we have my in-laws' birthday celebration here on Sunday.

But....the p-u-l-l and t-u-g on my heart to plant something is so much stronger and so I will yield
to its strength and celebrate the Spring in my heart!

You, too?

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