Monday, March 1, 2010


Or should I say "grand-snake" sitting?

This is Sonic...our "grand-snake" and we are keeping him this week.
He is our oldest grandson's pet and actually he's pretty neat!

I love animals! Had never thought too much about snakes before but now that Christian has one,
I've learned to like him too.

I take him out and hold him. I talk to him and check on him many times during the day and early morning to make sure he's warm enough.

Mike has looked at him but will probably never hold him! Uncle Dan and Grandaddy saw him yesterday and Uncle Bill held him.

For some reason there aren't too many that want a closer relationship with him but that's okay too!

I know he's missing Christian but he'll see him soon! In the meantime I'm trying to take his place and be a good "Granggie" for Sonic, the ball Python!

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bonniebelle said...

Awwww! I know Christian appreciates having someone to "baby"sit him who will care for him like he would! You're such a good Granggie!