Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's on the way!

Spring is on the way! It's coming! It's coming in all it's glorious "newness", "freshness"- stirring
our senses with magnificent colors, fragrance galore!

It's a time of awakening, renewal, rebirth and it is quite exciting!

It seems the older I become, the more I look forward to this season.
It shouts "LIFE"! And that life is contagious!

Live...truly live. Stop and smell the roses,... the hyacinth, the daffodils....
Sit outside and bask in the amazing creation with which God has so blessed us!
Embrace this freshness and let it spill over onto your friends and family, new friends,
onto your homes and the workplace.

Smile! Laugh! Enjoy all the beauty God has given us!
There is a time for every season under Heaven....selah.....

Make the most of it!

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