Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Oh my gosh!"

Oh my gosh! It's "See-How-Many- Posts- You- Can -Blog - Day!" on my calendar!!!
I think I'll go for the record!

Does your calendar say that? Well, actually mine doesn't really say that but it does say
"Miss the point of everything said to you day"!
Interesting calendar we have...compliments of some of our zany friends that we love!

Other special days are "Screaming Hard-Sell TV Commercials Appreciation Day" and "Run Your Mouth Mercilessly Day".

One of my favorite's..."Duct Tape Your Pants To Your Shirt Instead of Wearing A Belt Day"...
me , I'm the duct tape queen! Fixed our entire plumbing under the kitchen sink one time with duct tape! Hey! It worked for a while! :)

Well, since I have declared this to be "Post as many posts on your blog Day", I better get going!!!!

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