Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 3

What is it about SNOW that makes me want to clean? Oh, not on the day it's actually snowing but on the next day when it's so crisp and cold and the sun's bursting on the scene!
I was planning on leaving up the decorations through January 7 but somehow I've got the "put-away and clean-up" bug that is also tugging at the little grey cells to redo, refresh, makeover!
So far today I've rested quite a bit and did put away some Christmas things. Just wanted to simplify the winter decor. I'm liking what I've done so far but hopefully I'll be able to do a bit more each day.
My social calendar has a few plans this week and these are things I also want to do.
Am visiting a friend tomorrow for tea and then maybe I'll be inspired to come home and tackle a few things. Lunch out with some of my friends another day and I must shop for the New Year's Day meal...gotta get those collards! Oh yea and the black-eyed peas which I may already have some that I froze over the summer from the Farmer's Market. Not sure about the other fare...cornbread is a possiblity and .........ummm,... I'll figure it out later on! Still have time!
In the meantime I'm flitting around, getting makeover ideas from HGTV and deciding what winter items I want to leave out.
Chick Fil-A salads will be our supper so maybe after a movie with Mike I can coerce him into helping me clear things out! Or by that time we may just want to read!
Oh yea, back to the Snow's clean and white and bright and that's how I want our house to look and feel...kind of how I'm feeling too so it's definitely a good thing!
Just makes me want to smile!

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