Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh my gosh!

Just when you think "things" may be calming down a bit-wham!
Well we aren't the ones getting "whammed" exactly but our kids and grands.
Actually now one of our "grands" comes complete with batteries or I should say, battery,
included! He was playing around and accidently swallowed a lithium battery which led him and the family on an ER spree, countless phone calls with the Drs. and xrays.
We believe "this too shall pass" and very soon as our prayers have petitioned!

Then, another "grand" shot his BB gun and it ricocheted breaking a van window! (It's fixed now.)
That happened over the weekend.

And then Anna got attacked with a migraine while driving us and I had to take over. She had some grocery shopping to do before Christmas. Made it to one store and then we had to get Dan to leave work and come home to work while she went to bed.
Mike and I took some groceries over and dinner tonight and had a great time with the kids and Anna was much better!
We let the kids open their gifts from us and they were precious! They so enjoyed their interactive Buzz, Woody and Jessie and Kellan, his Toy Story Leggo train.

Actually it has turned out to be a very good day for all...even our grand with "battery included"!
We saw them today and all were in great moods, accompanied by smiles and laughter!
"A merry heart is good medicine!"

On to Christmas! A white one???? Could be!

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