Sunday, December 26, 2010

The second day of Christmas and ...

all through the house, everything was quiet and we looked forward to the rest.

And all of a sudden the telephone rang and it was Anna with news of an alarming kind-

they had no power and the cold was setting in... so... you guessed it...they came, with snow gear in tow and four excited munchkins eager to play in the snow.

They ate their McDonald's and curled up to watch Rudolph a bit while their food did digest.

Out came the Leggos, the teaset and more, the play dough and cars and figures galore!

They were here! They were there! And everywhere I went a leggo, a car, shoes, socks, and coats

and then the time came for the great outdoors!

And while they were preparing and I was making zip-lock "boots", they quickly discovered and to their chagrin...the keys to their van were locked, yes, inside...another challenge for them!

Thank goodness for AAA who came with great speed and rescued the keys from their vehicle domain and on to the snow here they came!

Papa was there to encourage the fun, the walk through the woods and slippery runs!

As for me...ah...I sat, all alone by the fire, sipping my coffee and getting renewed, ready for the "snowbunnies" as they came one by one and fixing hot cocoa with marshmellow fun!

Out came the Leapsters, Papa's puzzle and Kellan's trains- you know the ones that have all the names- like Thomas and Toby and Rosie and Percy and that's about all I remember in the mind that serves me!

We all piled in the living room to sit by the fire and we cuddled and snuggled and laughed and we yawned...and then was the phone call...the power was ON!

And so they were gone as quickly as they'd come and Papa and I...well, we did succomb to the sofa and blankets and just settled down...back to the quiet while sweet memories did abound!

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