Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Golden Moment

Yesterday our home was graced with the presence of three of my "Treasures". It was truly a "golden moment". They had not been able to attend the Weddington Park Christmas party so I brought them home for a small party here. Mike was here to help them in and out while I held onto Miss Darcy, who was chomping at the bits to just run up and "greet" them.
It was a wonderful "golden" time. They were so sweet telling me how beautiful our home was and one of my friends said that she so wished she could see it. She's been blind for many years now. That was a bit of an emotional challenge for me but it didn't dampen our festive spirits!
They even had gone shopping for me the day before with one of their daughters and bought me a lovely unique vase. I never expected that.
We feasted on various Christmas cookies and petit fours and sipped cranbery gingerale from fancy glasses. We sat by the fire and visited; it was a lovely couple of hours!
Now they want to come back when the weather turns warm and sit on the porch! Of course we will do that!
This was just one of my many Christmas blessings I've experienced this blessed Christmas season!

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