Sunday, December 12, 2010

Of Nutcrackers, Dancing Flowers and such...

The stage lights darkened, costumes being put away, the Union County Youth Ballet has now finished their 19th annual Nutcracker performance.
We entered the magical land of dancing snowflakes and flowers, Queens of snow and sugarplum
fairies, scurrying mice and fighting rats, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabian dancers, and a host of heavenly angels of all shapes and sizes!
And I must say that each year , the performances have brought tears to my eyes. To see these youth from ages 4/5 to 18 years, dancing their hearts out with such spirit and skill touches me beyond words. It's a beautiful ballet and so beautifully done!
How I wished I could have hugged each and every dancer and told them how wonderfully they performed. Instead I just hugged our granddaughter and let her represent the others!
This is always a special part of our Christmas celebration ; Mike and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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