Monday, August 22, 2011

"In the Pink!"

The phrase "in the pink" usually means that everything's great...hunky dory and all that stuff!
This isn't the case for me at the moment.
"In the pink" means that all the white things I washed are now PINK!
Somehow someone slipped a RED tee shirt in my pile of clothes and hid it very well. I scooped up the laundry, threw it in the wash and when the washer did her little song and unlocked itself...voila! Pink clothes!
Okay, to be perfectly honest I have to be the "someone" 'cause nobody else was here. There go my white capris, my two white shirts, and sorry, Mike...your underwear...hey, just one pair though! I tried throwing them back in the wash with chlorox but that didn't work so now I guess I have to dye them.
How long have I been doing laundry...a very long time! Hopefully next time I will carefully sort each piece. What a diabolical waste! :( boo hoo

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