Friday, August 12, 2011

"Road work ahead"

The other day as I was out running errands, delivering school supplies, it seemed that every road I traveled was being worked on. It really began to annoy me a bit...every where I turned...
"road work ahead"..."one lane traffic". I began to become a bit impatient but "talked" myself out of it. Even sat in one place for 15 minutes!
I started to think...that's the way life is...the way we are. We are always "under construction".
We are always being "worked" on and we need to be patient...patient with ourselves AND with others. None of us has "arrived". None of us "has it all together".
But He Who began that good work in us...notice He says He began a GOOD work...that 's a good work in you and in me! He will be faithful to complete it!
"Road work ahead"! Thank goodness He's working on us, bringing us into maturity, changing us from glory to glory!
We just need to cooperate AND be patient!

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