Sunday, August 7, 2011


Mike and I, for some time now, have been disgusted with most of the television programming.
We don't watch sitcoms, we don't watch the food shows, no prime time movie channels, no TVLand, etc. Actually it would be easier to list what we do watch and most of that is not very often.
So we decided to suspend our DirecTV for four months, to see if we miss our favorites or if we will just do away with it all together.
We have plenty of DVDs and still watch some of our VHS movies. Mike recently got the Ken Burns Civil War DVDs and we've watched a bit of them.
I do believe this will encourage us to read much more than we do. We have tons of books all over our house and so many we haven't even read yet.
Am giving up the old Waltons, Judging Amy, Sue Thomas FBEye (actually have those on DVD so I can still watch her anytime), my two favorite TV Bible teachers, Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince but I can get them on my computer so really am not missing out at all!
The real deal is that we will be saving a lot of money every month! Just didn't think we were being good stewards of all that money for just a very few programs.

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