Monday, August 22, 2011

What a FUN weekend!

Here are some of our 45 and up group from church.
The others that came are in the livingroom or kitchen.
We had the BEST time! We shared childhood memories of Captain Kangaroo and our local Charlotte children's show that aired on WSOC TV-the famous Joey the Clown with his Joey trees!
Three of us had been on his show!
We ate delicious food and laughed until we cried.
Talk about "merry hearts"!
Mike had the rest of the good pictures but I can't seem to get them put on the blog. I'm sure it's the computer and not me!
We ended the weekend with Captain America and April and the four older grands! The youngest liked it ok but it was "too unbelievable". The oldest didn't like the laser stuff and the rest of us just liked it for what it was. But the best thing about the afternoon was just being all together!

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