Monday, September 12, 2011

"Fall's a-comin!"

I know...I'm addicted to Fall! It is SO in my blood!
Good news for you fans of Autumn...temperatures are going down this week! Lows in the upper 50s and by Thursday/Friday, the highs in the 70s!!! WOOHOO!
I got a bit chilly at the football game Friday night; had to pull my sleeves down. Okay, so it wasn't that chilly but to me every degree counts!
Oh and our "guy" played great and his team won... BIG!
Wonderful weekend...special times with our friends, "grands" and a great church service!
April, Lee and the kids went to the mountains yesterday for the day and stopped off to pick apples at an orchard and they brought us some last night on their way home. Yummy!
Ballet classes for Makenna, Nutcracker tryouts too, school, church outreach and other activities are on my calendar for the week. Going to be a good one!
Hope yours is too!

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