Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Prospect

My normal routine in the early morning is porch time with my coffee, usually my Bible and journal but sometimes I just go and sit and talk to God. And I usually sit in the same spot but this morning was different. I sat on the opposite side. I had a "new prospect", a new point of view and I caught a glimpse of another tree just beginning to display her light orangey-red leaves!
[You do remember how I am with the unfolding of brightly colored leafy displays :)]
Had I sat in my usual place, I would have missed them!
Then I thought, there's a lesson in this. You know there's a lesson in practically everything but sometimes we just don't take time to receive it and learn.
Sometimes we need to mix up our "routines". Take another route...look out from a new prospect, etc. Who knows how many wonderful miracles we've missed!
So today, even though Book club is tonight and the house needs some attention, I'm going to change my routine a bit, do things a bit differently, maybe take time to sit out on the 2nd floor front porch and enjoy a new point of view!
Hope you can do the same!

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