Thursday, September 8, 2011

Of closets and cabinets and...

a laundry room out of control!
Well, no more!
Feel as though I have accomplished much these past several days.
I can actually do the laundry with ease; nor more contortions while avoiding this and that.
Ah! I have entered the laundry room several times today just to admire it's organization.
I would have taken a cup of tea in and just sat and looked at the work of my hands but it is a bit small for that.
That's what a dear friend taught me many years ago. When you accomplish something, especially in cleaning/organizing, fix a cup of tea and sit back and admire your work!
I even organized the tupperware cabinet which was no small feat and the pantry! WooHoo!
Was in the kitchen area all morning and then after lunch I worked on my closet and our bedroom.
Now I think I'll have that cup of tea! I've earned it! :)

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