Friday, September 9, 2011

"Let the game begin" or as Sherlock would say, "the game's a foot!"

We go to a high school football game with our friends, Patti and Roy, tonight to watch one of the young men in our church play. It's been about 40 years since we've been to one of those!
It begins the weekend festivities...then breakfast at the Grill, keeping a couple of the "grand" boys...which Mike will have himself after I leave for a Biltmore Inspirations party with my friend Patti. (Think they are going to work on the treehouse! That treehouse...may be finished in the next few years, who knows! I think I'm the one who really wants it!)
Then church on Sunday and lunch with friends afterwards. After that I'm sure there will be a lovely Sunday afternoon nap and just relaxing the rest of the evening.
Hope your weekend is what you want it to be!
Enjoy! And just keep your eyes wide open for a bit of "Fall-unfolding"!

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