Friday, September 16, 2011

Of friends and family, kids and Grands"

Late this afternoon, April, Lee and the grands came. At first it was very sad but we shared some memories- one especially...everytime they came over Darcy would sniff around in their van and eat whatever food she could find.
She was a great "cleaner"! She did this to Anna's van also.
The grands wanted to begin some work on Darcy's grave. While Camden was digging holes for the flowers, Makenna, Elliott and Christian planted them. Elliott found the yellow hard hat that Darcy would carry around the yard, yet another attention getter.
Guess she had put it in the woods. He thought it would be good to place on her grave. They have other plans that we will work on later.
They all came in with their sweet hugs and it made everything seem better.
Last night Anna and the grands brought dinner and gave me the sweetest hugs. So special!
And so many family members and friends have sent e-mails, comments, phone calls and messages through the girls' facebook and everyone has been so incredibly thoughtful. I have felt all the love and prayers.
Thank you to all of you who have been such a blessing to us.
God bless!


trevandtracy said...

Love you, sweet Debbie!

Granggie said...

love you too...thank you for caring.

Angela said...

Such a beautiful YOU